In the name of advancing construction projects that are friendly to the environment and are sustainable in design, LEED Certification is a ratings system developed by the United States Green Building Council. The LEED, or Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, standard has become one that DiGeronimo Aggregates and all of the projects in which it participates has adopted. Striving for this standard puts the DiGeronimo Aggregates’ mission, which is to provide a top quality product that is healthy for the environment and that creates jobs.
The United States Green Building Council helps to promote the construction of green buildings that create green jobs, in order to create a green economy.

Dennison Green RoofProjects that meet the LEED criteria are awarded credits over time, and eventually accumulate on a company’s permanent record. Each project is assigned different opportunities for LEED credit, whereby the program articulates points for construction strategy, technologies used, intent and requirements.
For more  information on LEED certification, or to view a list of LEED certified projects of the DiGeronimo Companies, you can visit http://www.usgbc.org/.





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