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hayditeWhat is Haydite?
For nearly a century, ESCS (Expanded Shale, Clay and Slate) has been used successfully around the world in more than 50 different types of applications. The most notable among these are concrete masonry, high-rise buildings, concrete bridge decks, precast and prestressed concrete elements, asphalt road surfaces, soil conditioner and geotechnical fills.

What is ESCS? It is a unique, ceramic, lightweight aggregate prepared by expanding select minerals in a rotary kiln at temperatures over 2200°F. The production and raw material selection processes are strictly controlled to insure a uniform, high quality product that is structurally strong, stable, durable and inert, yet also lightweight and insulative.

ESCS gives designers greater flexibility in creating solutions to meet the challenges of dead load, terrain, seismic conditions, construction schedules and budgets in today's marketplace

Concrete – A popular choice for applying Haydite as a lightweight aggregate. Haydite can be used as a ready-mix concrete to reduce dead load of structures and improve fire ratings.

Masonry Use – Another popular choice for applying Haydite is its use in concrete masonry. An 8” block weighs 25 lbs. compared to a 39lbs. solid concrete unit the same size. Plus, Haydite doubles the fire rating. A Perlite insulated 12” Haydite block has twice the R value of a 12” Perlite insulated concrete unit.

Bridges – Haydite is commonly found in bridge-use application to reduce dead loads. Major projects where Haydite has been incorporated as lightweight aggregate date back to the 1920s, and can most recently be found in Downtown Cleveland on the Main Avenue Bridge. Many of Ohio’s turnpike bridge decks have been replaced with Haydite concrete.

Landscaping Needs – Haydite has been used for soil conditioning and ground cover and also to cultivate plant growth for horticulturalists.

Refractory – Another important application of Haydite is for insulating concrete at temperatures up to 2000 degrees Fahrenheit.

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