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Lightweight aggregate batched at a high degree of absorbed water may be substituted for normalweight aggregates to provide “internal curing” in concrete containing a high volume of cementitious materials. High cementitious concretes are vulnerable to self-desiccation and early-age cracking, and benefit significantly from the slowly released internal moisture. Field experience has shown that high strength concrete is not necessarily high performance concrete and that high performance concrete need not necessarily be high strength. A frequent, unintended consequence of high strength concrete is early-age cracking. Blending lightweight aggregate containing absorbed
water is significantly helpful for concretes made with a low ratio of water-to-cementitious material or concretes containing high volumes of supplementary cementitious materials that are sensitive to curing procedures. This process is often referred to as water entrainment.

Time dependent improvement in the quality of concrete containing prewet lightweight aggregate is greater than with normalweight aggregate. The reason is better hydration of the cementitious materials provided by moisture available from the slowly released reservoir of absorbed water within the pores of the lightweight aggregate. The fact that absorbed moisture in the lightweight aggregate is available for internal curing has been known for more than four decades.

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