beakerThe Proven Solution
For almost 50 years Rotary Kiln produced Expanded Lightweight Aggregate (LWA) has been effectively used to solve geotechnical engineering problems and to convert unstable soil into usable land. Lightweight aggregate can reduce the weight of compacted geotechnical fills by up to one-half. Where thermal stability is required, LWA provides significantly greater thermal resistance when compared to soil, sand or gravel fill. It affords permanent economical insulation around water lines, steam lines and any other thermally sensitive vessel. This inert, durable, stable, free-draining and enviromentally "friendly" lightweight aggregate is extremely easy to handle and provides economical long term solutions for geotechnical challenges.

Design Advantages
Reduces Dead Loads, Lateral Forces and Over Turning Forces--Provides High-Friction Angle--Controlled Gradations--Free Draining--Water and Acid Insoluble--High InsulationValue--Chemically Inert--High Strength & Durability--Easy to Handle and Install--Readily Available--Environmentally "Friendly".

fireThe Material
Expanded shale lightweight aggregate (LWA) has a long track record of quality and performance. Since its development in the early nineteen hundreds, LWA produced by the rotary kiln process has been used extensively in asphalt road surfaces, concrete bridge decks, high-rise buildings, concrete precast/prestressed elements, concrete masonry and geotechnical applications. The quality of LWA results from a carefully controlled manufacturing process. In a rotary kiln, selectively mined shale is fired in excess of 2000' F. The LWA material is then processed to precise gradations. The result is a high quality, lightweight aggregate that is inert, durable, tough, stable, highly insulative, and free draining, ready to meet stringent structural specifications.

handsPhysical Properties
For precise information on unit weight, specific gravity, compaction density, friction angle, thermal conductivity and other information regarding the use of Haydite (LWA) contact a Haydite representative.

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