Storm Water

Haydite BioBlends™

Storm Water Treatment with Haydite BioBlends™ & Filter Media
Manufactured by DiGeronimo Aggregates LLC – Independence, Ohio

Green Roofs, Water Quality Swales, Soil Restoration & Bio-retention

Storm water treatment systems such as green roofs, water quality swales, soil restoration and bio-retention areas can be implemented almost anywhere. These systems function best when storm water is captured and filtered through a manufactured media optimized for plant growth, microbial activity and water filtration.

As storm water percolates through planted Haydite BioBlends™, nutrients and other pollutants are removed through a variety of mechanisms including absorption, nutrient and metal ion exchange, mineral precipitation, plant nutrient uptake and microbial decomposition. Haydite BioBlends™ also provide improved air exchange, plant-available water holding capacity, and higher surface area habitat for beneficial soil microbes.

“While for each pollutant, the optimum media may have been different, when comparing the overall performance for all pollutants, the fine-graded [expanded] shale was the “best”. The fine-graded expanded shale consistently performed very well at sorbing pollutants common in rainfall subjected to acid-deposition effects.” (Long et al. 2006. Green Roof Media Selection for the Minimization of Pollutant Loadings in Roof Runoff. Center for Green Roof Research Penn State University Park.)

Extended Detention and Constructed Wetlands

The unique chemical and physical properties of Haydite BioBlends™ are used to enhance the storm water treatment processes of extended detention and constructed wetland facilities. Building aquatic features such as benches, beds, berms, weirs, and porous-medium (minimal clogging) outlets with Haydite BioBlends™ provides higher surface area habitat for beneficial microbes, phosphorus sorption, and ion exchange while maintaining higher flow rates.

“Results suggest that sand is a poor candidate for long-term P storage, but its efficiency is similar to that reported for many sand, gravel, and rock systems. By contrast, expanded shale and similar products with high hydraulic conductivity and P sorption capacity could greatly improve performance of P retention in constructed wetlands.” (Forbes et al. 2006. Recovery and Fractionation of Phosphorus Retained by Lightweight Expanded Shale and Masonry Sand Used as Media in Subsurface Flow Treatment Wetlands. Environ. Sci. Technol. 2005, 39, 4621-4627)

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